Paruthi Paal (Cotton Seed) Milk Mix


Discover the traditional power of Paruthi Paal (cottonseed milk) with our easy-to-use instant mix. This South Indian favorite offers sustained energy with its natural blend of protein, essential fatty acids, and sugars.

Experience Paruthi Paal’s potential benefits:

  • Energy boost: Naturally fuel your day.
  • Cough & cold support: Traditional remedy for occasional discomfort.
  • Strong bones: Source of calcium for overall well-being.
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Paruthi Paal : Traditional Tamil Nadu Cottonseed Milk Drink

Discover the taste and health benefits of traditional Tamil Nadu Cottonseed Milk with our convenient instant mix. Packed with protein, essential fatty acids, and natural sugars, it’s a delicious and nutritious energy booster.

Experience the traditional benefits of Paruthi Paal, known for its calming properties, support for coughs and colds, and benefits for nursing mothers. Our instant mix makes preparation effortless – simply mix with water and savor the authentic flavor and wellness boost.

We prioritize purity with all-natural ingredients – no additives, artificial colors, or preservatives. Just the simple goodness of cottonseed for your well-being.



250g, 500g


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