ABC Malt (Apple, Beetroot, Carrot)


The Nutritious ABC Malt: Apple, Beetroot, Carrot Milk Mix

ABC Malt Powder combines taste with health, offering a natural way to enjoy a nourishing beverage. Rich in B vitamins, iron, and calcium, this malt powder is an excellent option for those seeking an energy lift without compromising on health benefits.

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Buy ABC Malt: Nutritious Apple, Beetroot, Carrot Health Mix

Enjoy the rich flavor and health benefits of ABC Malt Powder. This nutrient-dense drink is more than just tasty—it’s loaded with B vitamins, iron, and calcium, offering you a perfect pick-me-up anytime you need an energy surge. Be sure to check the product page on for more buying options.


  • Apple, Beetroot, Carrot: Powerhouse of vitamins and fiber
  • Almond, Cashew: Healthy fats & protein
  • Country Sugar: Nattu Sakkarai
  • Cardamom: Aromatic, digestive spice.


  • Brain health: Supports memory and focus
  • Skin & hair: Promotes radiance and health
  • Vitamin A Rich: For healthy vision
  • May reduce inflammation

How to Enjoy ABC Malt:

  1. Mix it up: Add 1 tablespoon of Malt to 120ml of warm or cold milk. For a frothier drink, pour it back and forth between two tumblers. Give it a quick filter, and your drink is ready!
  2. Sweet as is: No need to add extra sugar – ABC Malt has the natural sweetness of Naatuchakkarai.
  3. Dairy-free option: If you’re lactose intolerant, enjoy ABC Malt on its own or mixed with hot water.
  4. Keep it fresh: Store your Malt in an airtight container. Pop it in the fridge for even longer shelf life.
  5. Skip the boiling: Don’t add ABC Malt to raw milk or boil it – this can affect its nutrients.

Why You’ll Love It:

  • Happy tummy, happy heart: Supports good digestion and keeps your cholesterol and blood pressure in check.
  • Glow better: Packed with antioxidants, manganese, Vitamin A, and Vitamin C for healthy, radiant skin.
  • Ditch the caffeine: A delicious and nutritious alternative to tea, coffee, and sugary drinks.
  • Flavor booster: Sprinkle some malt into cakes, muffins, cutlets – get creative in the kitchen!


1. Can ABC Malt Powder really enhance my energy levels?

Yes, ABC Malt Powder is formulated with B vitamins, iron, and calcium, all known for their energy-boosting properties, making it a perfect beverage to help sustain your energy throughout the day.

2. What makes ABC Malt Powder a good choice for a natural daily beverage?

With its natural ingredients, sourced from traditional methods and specific locations, and a plethora of nutrients that support overall health, ABC Malt Powder is not just tasty but also a smart pick for daily consumption to maintain vitality.

3. What key nutrients are in ABC Malt Powder?

In the past month alone, over 500 units of ABC Malt Powder have been sold, highlighting its popularity and effectiveness. ABC Malt Powder is enriched with essential nutrients, including B vitamins which support metabolism, iron for energy and focus, and calcium for strong bones, rendering it a powerhouse of nutrition.


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